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Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii


Battling kidney disease + diabetes + more whilst running a small business that enables you & Mr Shaz to earn income is no mean feat. 


Gentle encouragement Shaz, sometimes we do wish the moments of wanting to talk comes at a more convenient time.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Very true @Darcy 

Mr shaz was a stay at home dad when his children were babies , while his first wife worked 

Now with us Mr shaz feels wow , I am going forward being self employed but now is trying to get a balance for himself is hard xxx

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Jay-e  I hope your 1st counseling session went well. I go every 4 weeks, in or out of a episode. I find it very helpful and really enjoy the time. 


@Shaz51 @Darcy  I encourage Mr Jones to talk about MH but sometimes it can go on and on like a broken record Smiley Sad even more so since ECT as he forgets conversations we've already had. I feel lucky that he also makes sure we talk about me and what I've got going on or how i am feeling. I've always appreciated how Mr Jones checks in with me even at his lowest of lows.


Sending love, we are still adjusting to Mr being back home. 

1st night of my daughter sleeping without a dummy (5 months old) wish me luck. 


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Mrsjones thank you for checking in! It was actually a really positive experience. I felt like it was a safe space just to talk about my feelings and reactions without having to moderate what I was saying - I'm very protective of MsJ when I'm talking to friends or family about how things are going because I don't want her to be judged unfairly. But in the counselling session I found I could speak very freely. The goals we set seem realistic so I'm looking forward to the process!

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Thats great to hear @Jay-e

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Went to the movies today and saw Dr Doolittle and Mr Darcy laughed a few times throughout the film ... a rare occurrence for him ... was so pleased he enjoyed it.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

How are things going @Mrsjones @Jay-e ?

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Darcy Mr Jones and I went to the movies the other day too. Was nice to spend some time baby free Smiley Happy We saw 1917 (WWI movie), it was really good but predictable. Mr Jones loves all things WWI and II. 


We are going well. Mr Jones saw his new doctor yesterday (previous Dr of 2 years came out to say she can no longer treat him as he is too unwell). He loves his new Dr, he use to see him a while ago. They have put together a 12-month plan, a few med changes to help with side effects and some alcohol counselling. 

How is everyone else going? @Jay-e @Determined @Shaz51 @Darcy 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

very busy here today @Mrsjones , @Darcy , @Jay-e , @outlander , @Determined , @Sherry 

mr shaz had thee saying in his head today and kept repeating it "hail while the sun shines "

we did get alot done , the washing , the dishes , the vaccuming and dusting , mowed next door , mowed our lawn , cut down a dead tree and loaded the trailer with green rubbish

wow , tired now

and mr shaz is spending time on his computer and hobby photograhy @Jacques 

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Shaz51 @Darcy @Mrsjones @outlander @Determined wow it feels like forever since I'vee been here lol! MsJ and I have had a big couple of weeks, lots of social events and over the long weekend her parents came to stay for 3 nights. She coped marvellously at the time but this week has just worked and slept for almost 12hrs a night. This weekend we're slowing things down just to breathe. She starts TAFE one day a week next week as part of her apprenticeship and I'm worried it's going to be too overwhelming. But enough about me, how are you guys all doing??

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