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  • Author : zipper
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Hello Tatsinda

I also had 2 small children and worked when my husband took ill and I know what it is like to just have no time at all to yourself.

A support group is out of the question, as they might meet at a time not suitable for working carers.  Also, who was going to look after the children?  It is also something you might not want people to know, worrying about the embarrassment of having a husband with a mental illness

I fully understand the unpredictability and the loneliness

It feels like you are walking on eggshells all the time in case something upsets him and you find yourself hypervigilant, trying to gauge the mood of the day

The loneliness is something that I didnt realise, until just a few months ago, my mother said to me "You must be lonely" and until then I didnt think about it, but yes, I was and am.

I find myself chatting all the time, trying to keep him interested, with no response, until I stop and say, "did you hear me" "yes" "well why didnt you answer, do you have something to say, what is your opinion" then I will get a few words

But you must be strong, for the sake of the children

take care


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