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Hi Zipper, my Husband has depression too, perhaps less severely than your husband does - mine has never been hospitalised, for example. But it has a huge impact on our lives nonetheless. To answer your questions:
1. I needed help to sort out my own headspace after living with his illness for a long time, and to work out how to redefine how we relate in order to encourage him towards better health. I saw a psychologist for a few years which really helped and was easy to access.
I also could have used help to get a regular break from the intensity of managing family life and this help has been much harder to arrange (we have three young kids). I have ended up joining a gym with a crèche which is working well for me, but I wish I'd done it years ago!
2. I think the hardest bit has been the unpredictability of it, and having to switch between carer and wife. And the loneliness that comes with it, and sense of abandonment - one minute I have a husband, the next things can deteriorate and I have a patient again - it's like he checks out and I can't rely on him for a time.

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