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my son aged 46 has scitzophrenia and is currently going through a psychotic episode and all his anger and frustration is directed at me. he believes all his clothes and shoes are poisoned, and his food. his is in a psyche ward and is refusing medication. he also has somatisation disorder which means he believes he has a lot of physical ailments, bad back, sore knee, shoulder injury etc which causes him to continually go to different drs and hospitals for x rays, cat scans, mris etc. so he gets angry because i wont beleive him. accuses me of neglect and threatened to report me to police, says he hates me forever, and verbally abuses me. now that he is in psyche ward he calls and begs and cries for me to bring in more clothes, shoes and that if i dont he will end up in a wheelchair, be crippled, and says to me i am your son, you are my mother, if you dont help me i will never talk to you again, this is your last chance and then he hangs up. i have been to visit and he is angry and says i know you dont believe me, the nurse doesnt like him, they take all his possessions, and he is refusing to take his meds. i try to be supportive and tell him i love him. this is causing so much stress and emotional despair. before he was admitted to psyche ward he had been reported missing to police, as he was just being assessed by mental health team and did a runner when he knew they were coming to see him. he has no insight at all into his condition, his hygiene is non existent, unable to manage his own affairs. his stay is psyche ward has been extended. injections now to start if still not taking meds.

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