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Something’s not right

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Smc  Thinking of you and family. 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Determined, @Shaz51, @Darcy ... appreciated.

All seems to be back to normal with Older Daughter for now.

We were going to be going to a carer support group this evening, but due to sleeping badly last night decided it would be counterproductive. It's a half hour drive, we'd need to organise somewhere for Younger Daughter to spend the evening, and I had a headache. We had a fish and chips dinner and watched some silly online TV episodes instead.

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

@Smcimages (44).jpg


Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?


Trust your trip goes OK.

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?



Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Thanks @outlander, @Darcy  et al.


I'm leaving today, will be heading home again Wednesday. Need to get brekky in and pack the last few things, then head up to my sister's place. Hubby and younger daughter will follow us up there tomorrow afternoon/evening so that she doesn't miss a rehearsal of her school play. Bit of time juggling.

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

hope the time away is good @Smc

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Thinking of you as you travel @Smc 

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Hi Peoples... back home. Arrived back late Wednesday, but didn't spend much time online yesterday. It was sunny, and growing things were busy in the garden. Smiley Very Happy


The trip went fairly well. Got quite a bit done, travel was mostly uneventful, parents are reasonably well at the moment. But I have caught some kind of cold now, which is mostly presenting as an earache. Yuck.


Older Daughter's been in ER again, but this time it was because she dropped a 5kg chunk of redgum firewood on her foot. She's on crutches to rest it, has had a CAT scan to double check that nothing's broken. (I think they x-rayed on the night.) We took her to do some supermarket shopping after the scan yesterday. We asked if she was OK to do it herself, both because we don't want to encourage her to be dependent, and because it's emotionally exhausting being a human crutch...

Re: Dissociative Identity Disorder Carers?

Another ED visit with SI last night. We heard about it this morning. She tried to phone us a couple of times last night, but we were so sleepy with the cold we've both got at the moment that we didn't even hear it. Our bedroom is only in the next room, so usually the phone wakes us.

Was talking with her about the problem of how "normal" ED visits to repair assorted injuries has become, and that most people might never have a single accidental injury in their life that was as serious, or if they did, it would be a big thing... not an "ordinary" occurence.

Problem is, we end up reacting as if it's "ordinary" too. I'm wondering if it may in some ways be similar to caring for a child who has an illness that you know will mean they probably won't survive into adulthood. While there's life, you keep loving them, you try to encourage them, you try to keep them as healthy as possible, but all the time living with the background knowledge that they could "go" at any time. If we lost her, we wouldn't be able to say it was unexpected. At the same time, we keep hoping we won't. Smiley Sad

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