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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

It is so hard for people who don't get a pension or health care card @Adge and if meds aren't on the PBS, most of us wouldn't be able to buy them, I know of some people from a group I did they just didn't have the money for their medications and always end up in hospital, my meds would be more than $400 a month if I had to pay full price, I couldn't afford them.

I'm not sure but I was told you could actually go through afterpay or zippay as they have chemists on their sights where they would pay for your meds and then you can just pay it back and they don't charge interest, it's kind off like a laybys system except you don't have to wait, maybe that may help if it's correct. 

@Faith-and-Hope @Darcy @Determined @Shaz51 @Smc  I agree with food

I have noticed food costs a lot more now and when your on a budget it's so hard now I can only buy about half of what I used to.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@saturnzoon, @Faith-and-Hope , @Adge , @Darcy , @Determined 

we are on a "low income health care card " for our meds

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

We also get a concession for our meds

Would find it most difficult if we were not and I would most likely do without mine. Most grateful for that provision so we don't have to make those decisions. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Evening All.

Hmmm.... I check in regularly all day, almost no nnotifications.... the moment I stop checking everyone comes online! Smiley Tongue


Younger Daugther and I had a late dinner tonight, because I was nearly up to a good finishing point with the "toss or keep" sort out and really wanted to get there. She's got a student free day tomorrow, so no biggie. Tuna mornay. Was yum. Smiley Happy @Determined, am planning on Chicken Curry tomorrow night, all being well.


Our grocery bills have stayed reasonabky controlled, but I'm a bit of a bargain shopper queen. If you go through our pantry and freezer, you'll see a disproportionately larege number of "reduced for quick sale" stickers. Smiley Tongue And I add lots of vegs to everything too, either supermarket bargains or home grown.  Would love to get back to doing regualr baking again. Packet bikkies and cakes are a lot more expensive than DIY, and often the homemade ones are nicer. But I haven't worked out how to make my favourite Ginger Creams yet, so they're a special treat purchase from time to time.



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Smc  those cookies look yummy and they would certainly go well with a nice hot chocolate.



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good morning and Hi to everyone Smiley Happy. Thought I would fly by and wish you all a wonderful Wednesday @saturnzoon @Faith-and-Hope @Smc @Determined @Shaz51 @Darcy . Love greenpeaxxx

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Faith-and-Hope... saw you there. Smiley Happy

Cuppa time? Found a nice place to have one.





Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

very nice @Smc 

cuppa time , yes please @Faith-and-Hope , @greenpea , @saturnzoon , @Determined 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Stopping for lunch @Shaz51 planning on testing out the patio area 😀.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Darcy 

car getting serviced today

no work today

cleaned mum`s house

blood test done

walked home

now don`t want to do anything

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