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Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

I even went swimming today for first time since hip surgery --- how did you go @Sophie1  xxx

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @Shaz51  I managed 20min with a pool buoy / peanut floaty thing between my legs so only using arms ... that was great - but without it the hip hurt after a lap and was not great ... so early days but lovely to be back in the pool !!

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

way to go @Sophie1 Heart bit by bit my friend xx

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)


Information overload = 😵

Recovery = 😰

Exhausted but happy = 😀


Starting to investigate community groups - need to be intentional about forming friendships.

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

hi @Sophie1
how are you travelling?

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @outlander  .. not very well - I’m exhausted, withdrawing from pain meds from hip operation and anxious as ever that I won’t be successful in new role ... I sabotaged today and stayed home under guise of sickness - but really I am feeling anxious stuck and have tidied my study spare room to feel a bit of control and space - it was terribly cluttered and out of control .. I feel a bit that way too - sorry super fragile today ... ms s is in bed all day with migraines still and due to see pain specialist tomorrow - so just one of those days where I felt like it was too much starting a new job and running the house as ms s is almost non functional at moment due to pain - little things like the dishes feel so big at the moment 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Yikes @Sophie1  dishes in the sink = a sure sign that things are an effort. 


Sending very gentle thoughts your way.


images (40).jpg

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

@Darcy @outlander @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @Ali11  


just a quick update ... went with MsS to see pain specialist today and find out next steps - so another treatment will be done in hospital day procedure next Tuesday (due to a lucky cancellation) that may help her migraines .. the specialist also encouraged her to do cardio exercise as this helps with pain... MsS committed to try to exercise.


fortunately the hospital is a convenient location for my work and I won’t have to take a day off to drop her off and pick up so that’s good 


I’m feeling a bit less moody and will go back to work tomorrow - hope it goes well 


Thankyou all for listening and your kind thoughts 



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