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Stressed about meal times

Hi everyone  as your all aware of the utter chaos right now especially when it comes to groceries. Im becoming  increasingly stressed  trying to find things my pop will eat. 


I brought all the wrong  things today but that's  all there was on the shelves  so it was better  then nothing. 


Any reccomendations on what to do? 


***He doesnt eat wholemeal or multigrain breads. It has to be white regular sliced bread. 


***He doesnt eat vegies or many fruits 


*****The teabags i brought were  wrong. He only has the teabags without the string and only in tetley brand. 


****Brought the wrong milk. I brought skim milk for me and then full cream in the fresh stuff  but thats wrong. He only drinks coles brand full cream uht milk


****He chose spaghetti for dinner but guess what he disnt eat it because  i didnt put a tin of tomatos in it (wasnt any) and the pasta wasnt 'spaghetti' it was spiral pasta. Which i was lucky to even get one packet. 


**he only eats certain  tinned foods lie certain soups and spams which are barely avaliable now. 


***doesnt like anything spicey, doesnt like alot of herbs (unless he cant see them) 


**doesnt  eat any form of pork 

**doesnt eat chicken

**doesnt like steaks

**doesnt like microwave meals

**doesnt  likw frozen fish so rules out like fish fingers etc

**doesnt  like any sorts of rice or any pasta (besides  spaghetti and only with the tinned meat/sauce combination) 



I dont know what else to do and right  now i just  find whatever  i can to make meals up. 



Any suggestions? 


@Sans911 @Snowie @Faith-and-Hope @eth @frog @Shaz51 @greenpea @Dani1981 @Maggie @CheerBear @Former-Member @Darcy @Smc @Sophia1 @Sophie1  @EOR   and everyone 


Re: Stressed about meal times

Oh dear @outlander  I really feel for you on this.  I'll give it some thought and see what I can come up with.  Have you heard about woollies having an online form you can fill out for continued online ordering and home deliveries?  I am sure you would qualify.  Might be worth trying that.    I'll get back to you when I think of some suggestions.  Just a bit stumped atm.  Sending love xoxo


Re: Stressed about meal times

@outlander  yes it is a nightmare .... can you go to chemist and buy a couple of tins of sustegan? at least if he would drink that mixed with milk he would be getting his vitamins. I bought some the other day ..... probably all gone now but worth a look.

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Re: Stressed about meal times

Aaarrrrgghhh ... Give up.  😱@outlander  I dunno, maybe suggest he come with you to do the shopping? Let him choose what he will eat and make him aware of just how hard it is to buy supplies right now. Make him aware of the empty shelves, and that its not just you being a bad shopper and buying things he doesnt like. 


Wirh all the things he wont eat .. I have to ask .. what would a typical meal be for him?




Re: Stressed about meal times

Wondering if you can get a dietician or even social worker involved?  @outlander 


Re: Stressed about meal times

Thanks @eth ill look but i wont qualify as im capable to go out ans get stuff..

Thanks @greenpea
I brought various milk flavourings a few weeks ago to try him to drink something else besides teas. but he doesnt like it. He will only drinks tea and occassionally coffee. Wont touch water, any juices, or flavoured milk besides an iceed coffee every now and then.
If i ask him to drink something else (usually to save abit of milk) the response is fine i wont have anything then. Ive drunk tea for yrs so why do i have to stop now and then stomps off to the bedroom

Re: Stressed about meal times

He doesnt and wont accept help @eth
His dr and his respiratory specialist asked him to eat healthy and more variety and hw agrees with them but when we leave he gets the shites. And then forgets because of his dementia

Re: Stressed about meal times

@outlander  must be very confusing for him Smiley Sad


Re: Stressed about meal times

Doesnt like shopping @Former-Member so i tried sitting down and asking what he would like for a frw meals in advance and id buy that quite often with him changing his mind saying he doesnt likw it now. When its not panic buying its a little easier because i can buy more things but atm theres no meats barely any fruit or veg, no pasta or tinned foods.
We have alot of eggs but i dont really eat them much now i just make a sandwhich.

Re: Stressed about meal times

But the thing is he will eat whatever at everyone elses house. Even if he would normally say he doesnt like it

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