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Looking after ourselves

Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Adge  a perfect example of the right plant for the conditions that one has to work with.  I can see that they would go fabulously with your native shrubs and produce a wonderful display.


Mr Darcy filled our neighbours green bin today in readiness for collection tomorrow, that will be the end of the bamboo clippings but we still have a way to go before one green bin will last a fortnight here.

Re: Self care by growing a garden

My Hibiscus shrubs (Appleblossom & Swan Lake) seem so much happier (healthier) - with me turning the Retic on a few times a week (since fixing most leaks).

They're looking glossier-leaved, & are flowering more (already).

Swan Lake Hibiscus is covered in White flowers - plus many of the bright Pink flowers (sported back to) on same bush.



Re: Self care by growing a garden

Гибискус дома: Белый гибискусHibiscus Swan Lake - Normal (White)

Sported (reverted) to Pink (on same Bush).

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Hibiscus Appleblossom - mine is not looking this healthy.

It's leaves are frazzled (fried)....

A Golden Age For Hibiscus Breeding In Hawaii. What About ...

Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Smc  I have found a garden group to go to 🌹. 

Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Adge  your two tone hibiscus reminds me of some double grafted standard roses that were (? still are) available  - they had a pink and white combo which were similar to your plant  (the roses were Bonita and iceberg if I remember rightly).

Re: Self care by growing a garden

One garden bed weeded this afternoon with a small traielr load of waste ready for the dump.
Weekend chore is to do some pruning to make it a full trailer load.

I did have plans of wipper snipping this ave but the garden clean took much longer than anticipated.

I have 2 banana plants in pots ready to go in the newly vacent garden. Another job for the weekend.


Re: Self care by growing a garden

And darling is excitted because she has more space to fill with pot plants.



Re: Self care by growing a garden

Lovely @Darcy. Smiley Happy I hope you enjoy it.


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